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Blackjack Basic Strategy

Unlike other types of casino and online casino games that have several different types of strategy for you to choose from, blackjack really has one main form ? basic strategy. This strategy differs from all other types of gaming strategy in virtually every way.

What is Blackjack Basic Strategy?

Basic strategy is a betting system which provides for you the optimal move for every single possible situation you may face at the blackjack table. Due to the fact that the number of hands you could possibly have and the number of possible up-cards the dealer could have are limited, there are a limited number of situations that you need to respond to, and therefore a limited number of responses to learn.

How's Blackjack Basic Strategy Different?

First things first, basic strategy is a purely mathematical strategy that bases itself on the cards dealt, not on previous bets, chip control, or unrealistic conceptions of how outcomes are formed. For this reason, blackjack basic strategy works. Secondly, with blackjack basic strategy every move that you make is dictated by the strategy; not for a limited amount of time, or for a limited gaming circuit, but rather every single move. This means that if you are playing a full night in a land based casino or if you logged onto your online casino for 10 minutes of play, you will use basic strategy just the same.

How Does Blackjack Basic Strategy Work?

Blackjack basic strategy is represented in a table. The table will list your hand down the left hand side and the dealer's up-card along the top. In order to find what you should do you must simply go to the sum of your hand, bearing in mind that pairs are listed as such, and follow that line horizontally until you get to the box below the dealer's up card value. Each combination will have a letter in its box ? this letter tells you what to do in that situation; hit, stand, split or double. All of these combinations have been figured out according to the best possible odds for the player and so guarantee the best choice in that decision.

There are of course some variations to basic strategy, as there are variations to blackjack. The number of decks being played with will effect the basic strategy, as well particular table rules, for example if the dealer must stand or hit on soft 17, or if doubling after splitting is allowed.

How Can I Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy?

In order to play with blackjack basic strategy you must internalize it completely and utterly. It may, and probably will take a little time to do this but it must be done. Start by simply reading over the basic table; start to learn it by rote; and then start playing on free-play games without the table in front of you, or using it just to check if you got it right. Once you have the basic learnt you can start to branch out to the other variations.

Online Blackjack Tips

In online Blackjack never split your 10's, you know the saying a bird in the hand!

In online Blackjack always split your Aces and 8's, regardless of what card the dealer is showing, this just greatly improves your current hand and is worth the risk of double your bet.

In online Blackjack unless you are counting cards, never take insurance, insurance is just very poor odds with the house having a large advantage.

In online Blackjack you should stand on a hard 13 through 16, but only if the card the dealer is showing is a 6 or lower. If the dealerís showing card is a 7 through an Ace, you should hit, this rule is the basics to playing solid blackjack.

In online Blackjack if the dealer is showing a 4, 5 or a 6, you should stand on a hard 12, better let the deal bust than you risking it.

In online Blackjack if the dealerís showing card is a 2 or a 3, or 7 and higher, you should hit a hard 12, the odds on this one are close but are slightly better with you hitting. In online Blackjack you should continue to hit until you have at least 17 if the dealerís up card is a 10, this is because the odds of the dealer having a total hand better than 17 are high so you need to risk it to improve your chances.

In online Blackjack you should hit a soft 17 (you have an Ace) if the dealerís up card is a 10, your chances are decent for improving your hand and yours chances for busting are low.

777 jackpot slots
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